About the Emporium

Paula Runyan is a Kansas girl who moved to Alaska and married her Alaskan man. They dedicated themselves to living close to the land, and removing commercial products from their diet and lifestyle as much as possible. Paula began making soap as part of this lifestyle, finding that commercially available soaps smelled too strongly of fake fragrance, didn’t work all that well, and sometimes caused bad reactions. By making her own soap she had full control of the ingredients, and fell in love with the end product. Her sister in law lives at the foot of a wild, majestic Alaskan glacier, and Paula began using the glacial clay as a wonderful addition to her soap. Her soaps worked very well with her family, and she began giving them to friends and family, slowly expanding into farm markets, craft bazaars and local retail stores. Her soap making is an odyssey, as she explores new ingredients and methods of making her beautiful hand crafted soaps.

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